Quantum Creative are proud to offer industry standard, 3D renderings for all of our projects. Creating lighting plots, stage set drawings and other illustrative renders are an integral part of Quantum’s process and one which we take great care in delivering.


We operate CAST software's WYSIWYG package, which allows us to produce photo-realistic images of all designs for our clients. This allows us to create and develop a production design with the client prior to the project being realised. Our comprehensive process also saves countless man-hours and equipment hire costs with the accuracy of our digital pre-production work - allowing us to design and program a production without the need for the physical equipment.

As well as drawing for our own projects, we also provide our drafting services to other designers and production houses on a range of software packages.


If you think we might be able to help you with an upcoming project, or would like more information, then get in touch.

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